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Jessi grew up in Austin, TX, where the music magic radiates. The live music scene hypnotized her at every corner, from electric blues, to honky tonk, to pop punk. She listened. She learned. She loved.

As we all sometimes experience, life can slap you silly and knock you on your ass. It was in these dark moments that Jessi found the light in her soul and tapped into songwriting. Pulling inspo from songbird goddesses Mazzy Star, Sheryl Crow, and Jenny Lewis, Jessi sings of love, and love lost. Colorful nostalgia, and aching sadness. Psychedelic daydreams, and haunting memories.

At her live sets, ‘Jessi O and The Muchness’ flaunts y’allternative vibes - Texas country cross-pollinates with alternative chick grunge. Jessi strums on the acoustic, with the occasional cameo on bass, accompanied by the most stellar band with ethereal tones, surf rock flair, and dreamy highlights.

Jessi now calls the Columbia Gorge home, where the sun shines in The Dalles, Oregon. Her heart belongs to her husband Travis (roadie), and her two freckle-faced lightning bugs (offspring).


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4/4 - laurelthirst, portland

4/5 - the coffee shop, The Dalles

4/20 - Mosier Spring Fest

4/21 - cherry fest, the dalles

4/26 - rainbow tavern, maupin

5/4 - Zims, The Dalles

5/8 - Kickstand, Hood River

5/25 - Rainbow tavern, maupin

5/28 - volcanic theater, bend

6/12 - Thunder Island, Cascade locks

6/22 - Rainbow tavern

8/24 - Bowchella, maupin

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